Ninja Man

Ninja Man 1.0

Play as a Ninja and prove you're worthy of being called master
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Ninja Man is a game about ninjas of different kinds. The ninja you are in control of, is a mysterious character wearing a black outfit. You have to traverse the level to reach its end in order to complete it. The level is filled with ninjas, pirates, and kung-fu guys who will simply not skimp on their attacks. And the worst part is that, as you complete each level, the game will get harder and harder, incrementing the number of enemies which will most likely cause your death.

The attacks executed by your character are really fast, so fast that the enemies sometimes don't even get a chance to defend themselves, but this technique can be used only if you have one single enemy in front of you. When you have more than one is when things get really interesting.

The graphics are nice although full screen mode is not available, which takes some points off. The music is exciting and not irritating at all, unlike other games in which the music turns boring after a few minutes. The gameplay is really good just like its controls, which, by the way, are totally customizable.

The game is very addictive, and enjoyable, and it certainly will keep you on your seat for quite a while. Learn the best techniques and you'll find how fun it is.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Entertaining
  • Addictive
  • Very relaxing


  • Not fully suitable for small kids since green blood is shown
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